Sony Ericsson HPM-64 Handsfree Headphones for JALOU

Brand: Sony Ericsson
Product Type: Hands-Free

The Sony Ericsson HPM-64 Handsfree Headset  brings technology, style and comfort together.

Enjoy the stereo sound with snug fit ear plugs to listen to the music on your device or have a conversation.

The Headset has inbuilt microphone, and answer/ end call button, 3.5mm jack.

This is a genuine motorola product.

Sony Ericsson C905, C905a, K550, K750, K790, M600i, P1i, P990, Equinox TM717, W200, W300i, W300, W350, W580i Walkman, W600i, W600, W610, W710, W760, W800, W800i, W810i, W810, W900, W900i, W950i, Z310a, Z310a, Z520a, Z550a, Z750 and Z710.